Huh? So your one example in which a wypipol and a Black person were treated in an equally degrading manner by one insane old half-blind person somehow negates the existence of racism?

And of course there were objective measures of the equality of said insane old half-blind person's actions and behavior towards the two of you? Not that your fellow nurse had endured a lifetime of racist hostility from individuals and the state and had developed a tough skin out of necessity, and was thus able to endure a 100X worse treatment? Not that Your Most Esteemed White Fragilitiness living in your protected little white crib with baby sheep fleece were hyper sensitive to the slightest slight and over-reacted to a paper-cut?

I really hope you get it, I don't want to have to explain desensitizing training to you.

Afrikkaners, the only wypipol more racist than the English or the Scots. Oh but wait, I forgot the Belgians in Congo, the Germans at home, the French in the Dominican Republic ...

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