From The Washington Post story

“Under this Administration, the ISIS caliphate was destroyed, American hostages were returned home, NATO is stronger than ever, we’ve brokered historic Middle East peace deals, and I was on the ground in Kabul for the announcement of a historic peace deal between the Afghan Government and the Taliban aimed at ending America’s longest war,” (Alyssa) Farah wrote. “…a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine in record time that will save countless thousands of lives…”

Alyssa Farah does the Trump Administration and herself a great disservice. She forgot to mention that the Trump Administration discovered and distributed the polio vaccine, won WorldWar II without Putin’s help, proved Fermat’s theorem just in the margin of the book, discovered gravitational waves by floating a paper boat on the White House pond, proved the Riemann hypothesis in negative twelfth the time anybody else took, will have had fought off the Kxargqian invasion in 2034 …

And of course she is resigning, not because Trump “lost”, but because he didn’t seek re-election! Why would he seek re-election when his work was done? He Made America Great Again, and to the most smartest mind like his, it is obvious that there is no need to Make America Great Again, Again. That’s just covfefe! Either that or because in the immortal words of @RealDonaldTrump, #IHaveNotYetBegunToFight. (Take that John Paul Jones, you plagiarist from the past!)

Everything else is a lie! That Trump sought to overturn the theft of the election (which he won! why would he dispute the results? that doesn’t make sense!), that his court cases to preserve democracy were overturned (he won them all!), that he refused to cooperate with the transition (he welcomed Biden with open arms and gave him a foot massage on his unbroken foot!), that he lost the popular vote and the electoral college (who ever heard of a game going into overtime when a team was ahead at the end of regulation?).

The biggest lie of course is that he even sought re-election! Lies! Lies! Lies! He has giant proof that he didn’t seek re-election, but the people loved him so much they wrote him in.

I stop to miau to cats.