I didn’t think that scene from Fatal Attraction had become an internet meme!

Thinking of Glenn Close’s character Alex in the movie as “crazy” and contrasting it with “scrap-booking” is problematic and a reflection of misogyny we’ve absorbed that interpretation from mass-culture and mass-media. Michael Douglas’ character is just as active in the mutual seduction and flirtation and the consummation as is Alex. He either fails to disclose he is married or he plays on the “my wife doesn’t understand me” BS. Then, when he does see her again, what person in their right mind bandages another’s slit wrists and leaves thinking it is “over”?

Alex’s sudden transition from seemingly normal, successful etc to obsessed and vengeful is quite unexplained. Finally, think about which is more expected and a common occurrence, the plot as portrayed or with the gender roles reversed? Okay, so a violently obsessed guy can’t pretend to be pregnant in order to force the issue (hahaha) but men have plenty of other things to try and blackmail their lovers.

The only part I found mildly feminist was that the guy’s wife shows up to save his sorry ass.

The weirdest “use” of this movie was that a room-mate of mine who knew that a married woman was having an affair with me (I was single, I claim indemnity) took me to see this movie as if there was some lesson in it for me.

I stop to miau to cats.

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