I don't know about "Hitler en Bariloche", none of my Argentinian friends ever mentioned it, which doesn't prove anything, there is no reason it would have been top of mind for them or anybody in Argentina when I visited.

+100 for calling out the repeated mis-spelling of "Colombia". I think it is a symptom of Anglo-centrism combined with Americans' general atrocious language skills - to begin with they don't know how to spell or pronounce words; then the presumed superiority shows in their "can't be bothered to even google it, let alone actually look up the word in a dictionary, but spell-check!" attitude.

All my commitment to non-violence goes out the window when I read about "Ghandi".

By the way, I am a firm believer in "English First"!, for American anglo-speakers. As in "First learn English yourself, then impose it on the rest of the world." ;-)

I stop to miau to cats.

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