I don’t know Trump’s victory will change anything substantially for the better, but what you’ve pointed out needed to be said. Most of the melodramatic moaning and “let’s pull together and sing kumbaya in this moment of tragedy” is coming from comfortably well off white psuedo- liberals.

They have not done anything over the last two decades to fight against war mongering, drones, US poverty, the wanton killing of black children, the high rates of imprisonment of minorities, or for universal health care (as opposed to insurance), education, infrastructure, housing … all this under Clinton the first and Obama.

White psuedo- liberals don’t seem to realize that things were already very bad for others, they were living in a white post racial fantasy world. Oh yeah, LGBTQ rights advanced. That’s so cool and metrosexual, I’m going to wear a rainbow flag and a safety pin now.

I stop to miau to cats.

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