I don’t know what Buttigieg/Harris are supposed to represent, I think nothing. That leaves three major groups: White supremacists who are the Republican party, Conservatives and Socialists, where the last two are unfortunately in the same Democratic party.

The long term healthy solution is for the three groups to be represented by three political parties, to begin with at least at the grass roots level, with ranked choice voting. They will both become smaller, but both will also gain adherents from the current bunch that call themselves “Republicans”.

In general, a more dynamic political landscape with more parties will be healthier. But we also need to get rid of the electoral college and introduce ranked choice voting. This will reduce the importance of gerrymandering. And of course, separately, continue the fight against voter dis-enfranchisement. None of this is attractive to the Conservative Democrats, which is why they haven’t done anything about it for 30 years.

I stop to miau to cats.

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