I’ve just heard Dr Pierre Kory’s testimony to the US senate, representing the FLCCC alliance, on a day when in the US the death toll due to covid-19 stands at close to 300k, with 15 million cases and nearly 2000 deaths daily (a 9/11 every two days). All they are asking for is that the NIH and the FDA look at the studies that the FLCCC has complied about the effectiveness of medical protocols and a specific off-patent drug in reducing the death rate due to covid-19, the results seem to be both statistically significant and of important size, and the studies are peer reviewed RCTs.

I fail to understand why the FDA, WHO s and NIH would refuse to consider this, when barely better than placebo but expensive remdesivir has been touted and used. Of course, other than the hero- and profit- motive to go looking for expensive new therapies, and the sheer racism of everything American. “The disease kills Black, Latina and Indigenous people at 2–3 times the rate of white people, and the only white people who die are the elderly? Awesome!”

I stop to miau to cats.

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