I never understand why people are happy when the “docs didn’t find anything”. The only things the docs didn’t find are what they knew to look for, and not finding the cause doesn’t mean the symptoms cease to exist.

For a few months, with severely deteriorating health, I went through a cycle where they were speculating cancer, AIDS, tropical disease … until I was hospitalized in what we later realized was ketoacidosis shock. So when the internist had an “aha!” moment and diagnosed Diabetes I, I felt a sense of relief — no more mystery, we knew what it was and it (essentially) had been licked.

On a separate note, in an essay Gloria Steinem pointed out (that studies show) that the symptoms of white women and minorities are regularly pooh-poohed by the medical establishment; the minor aches and pains of white males are given much more attention and resources. You may have faced some of that as well.

I stop to miau to cats.

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