I think you may be missing the point about the current wave of civil disobedience against police terror brought on by the state sponsored extra-judicial killing of George Floyd and Breanna Taylor. This is the realization that “the actions of the police” are “the fundamental values upon which this country is based”.

It doesn’t matter what the Preamble or the entire Constitution tells us are the values of this country, what matters is what this country shows and has been showing are its values for 400+ years, both internally and internationally.

Re fascism and racism:

If you have a system of inequity (measured as the variance of outcomes for the population) and you introduce some change to the system, there are three broad classes of changes that can be made, with three different impacts on inequity:

  1. The change is agnostic to inequity — meaning neither whether the change is applied nor the degree of change is predictable based on the previous outcome. For example, a random number generator, regardless of their previous income or wealth, gives half the population $100 and takes away $100 from the other half — so the mean remains the same (our beloved “revenue neutral” BS). What is the impact on inequity as measured by variance? Basically, it is true that for every rich person from whom a $100 is taken away there is a poor person who gets $100, and this is variance reducing. However, there are also pairs in which a rich person gets $100 which have been taken away from a poor person and this is variance increasing. So you might think that overall this is inequity neutral. This is not the case, the argument is mathematical, but it turns out that because of the way that variances add, the variance increasing impact of the latter pair outweighs the variance reducing of the former pair and a random change as described above leads to an increase in inequity. This is sadly, not understood by Economists, Social Scientists, Data Scientists and most Applied Statisticians. This is the claim bleated by AI/ML in say criminal injustice reform or health care, “Oh the machine doesn’t know whether a person is Black or White, so it, and by extension, we, are not racist!”. Now, the claim itself is wrong, but even if it were true, this change increases inequity.
  2. A “capitalist” change, which is not agnostic to existing inequity. Trickle down economics, tax-breaks for the rich and corporations, meaninglessly small fines for their illegal actions, “austerity”, deficit reduction and cutting welfare programs while making a more regressive revenue generating tax structure, criminalizing the behavior of the poor, bail bond systems, “good” schools getting more state money… You know, the fundamental values on which this country is based. You can even make it sound equitable, in the above example, tax everybody $10 and then give the richest 10% $100 each in “stimulus” money or as a bailout. Clearly this kind of change increases inequity, as has been proven in the case of trickle-down economics since the late 1980s. This is the easiest change to make, since it accords with the desires of the existing powers. The more money you have, the more you can use to bribe politicians (oh, that’s for the Third World, in the US it is called “lobbying”), and the larger factor of influence this has on financially beneficial outcomes for you.
  3. A “socialist” change, which is also not agnostic to existing inequity. Curb-cut effect, progressive taxation, anti-austerity measures like government spending in times of crisis, anything targeting those with the worst existing outcomes for the most positive interventions … fall in this category. Financial things like safety net, welfare system, minimum wage, universal healthcare, universal education also fall in this category because income and wealth is log-normally distributed. These will have variance reducing impacts. However, they need a lot of work: one way of thinking about it is because they are anti-entropic, an easier way is to see that they go against the interests of the entrenched powers.

Fascism, by design, is meant to increase inequity. So in this country, it will have larger negative impacts on Black people, and hence fascism and racism are strongly intertwined. I would also argue that because the foundation of this country is racism, it makes white people in this country much more amenable to fascism.

I stop to miau to cats.

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