I thought it was Bhutan, but Bhutan is not white and they can’t be the happiest, so the “Happiness scientists” changed the metric and discovered, voila! Iceland was happiest, but they are all inbred and homogeneously happy, so that doesn’t do either, so change the metrics again, and we get … Switzerland. Why do you bother to “explain” ephemeral “facts”?

And by the way, “Switzerland” — otherwise famous for

  • storing Nazi gold
  • art plundered by the Nazis from the humans they threw into concentration camps and massacred
  • money laundered by the financial mafia (white terrorists)
  • money stolen by well-known corrupt third world dictators from their own people (and then offered back to the third world as “aid” or “loans”)
  • being the birthplace of the World Wide Web

I stop to miau to cats.

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