I work at a tech-ish startup and it certainly seems insightful that “the desirability of (our) product overwhelms every other aspect of that product”. But our clients are industrial equipment manufacturers and they are paying us, as I understand, to increase their parts/services revenue. However, it is possible that the desirability of our product is driven by the “drill-down” and “deep-dive” and installed base views and the “information-rich” opportunities we present with metrics and measures and “tracking” of all sorts of mostly irrelevant things, which allows them to click around and entertain themselves instead of making the next sales call which will maximize expected increase in revenue. I imagine that at some level ROI is important to them, someone has to justify spending company money on our product, and if ROI is important to them then their ROI has to be important to us, even if all it does is make us more desirable to them. So I don’t know, I have to think about this, and how and whether Data Science can add marginal “desirability” to the product as opposed to what I consider the “deep sexiness” of what we already do.

I stop to miau to cats.

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