I’m glad to see that the number of times Asian Americans have taken on systemic racism is finite, even if nationwide the count is still doable on two hands. I almost never see Asian Americans or Desis at the events I attend, perhaps 5–10 total out of the the thousand+ faces I must have seen over the last 5 years. Racism against Blacks and Hispanics is simply a non-existent issue of discussion, at least in the Desi community, psuedo-libertarian claptrap driven by “lower taxes” or complaining about Affirmative Action is about all they are concerned about. When they do protest, it is to protect themselves or some “community member”, so it is about it “not being fair” and never about justice.

What I wold like to see is Asian Americans and Desis/SouthAsians showing up to be counted for events and rallies organized by other communities, instead of focusing on organizing their own separate events to show “leadership”.

By the way, #s 10, 8, 6 and 4 don’t count as fights against systemic racism, they are just actions to protect one’s own commuinity. And why are actions by Desis/South Asians included under “Asian American”, given your list in #2?

I stop to miau to cats.

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