I'm not sure why people are waiting around for the "failure of US democracy". We have a system designed to subvert democracy:

Not representative: Senate and Electoral college composition, same at various smaller scales too.

Voter disenfranshisement: making it selectively onerous for people to vote: no holiday, insufficient voting places, no mail-in votes, no voter registration cards, selectively criminalizing African Americans and preventing ex-incarcerated from voting

Entrenched 2-party system posing large barriers to forming more representative parties. Two parties means the political landscape is at most 1 dimensional. We don't need a "third way" so much as a second dimension.

Gerrymandering, leading to selective disenfranchisement of minority voters, instead of objective ways of constructing electoral districts.

Bush 2000 and Trump 2016 are only two outcomes of this system. Low voter turnout shows the system is working and also indicates people's lack of faith in the democratic process, which is itself a failure of democracy.

I stop to miau to cats.

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