I’m sorry to gush, but your writing and analysis is fantastic! Thank you for calling out that “Democrats have been pussies and liars” and basically offering their pussies to be grabbed by the Repubicans, that “Liberal Silicon Valley … has created one of the whitest and most male dominated industries in recent history” consistent with their rush to fondle Trump the day after he was elected, that “the Democrats did some real wrongs to the country”, that economic injustice was ignored 8 years ago …

I don’t understand this current white craze to declare the Obama’s the “bestest first family ever” — what did they do that made them so great? They were regal, poised, smiley, attractive, colored and yet displayed so much self-control and decorum, they didn’t do drugs, weren’t the Hilly Billy Bush family? Who started more wars, escalated drone usage, jailed instead of protecting whistleblowers and reporters, let Flint continue, let BlackLivesNotMatter (as much). I don’t know, maybe it was the dog.

I stop to miau to cats.

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