I'm sure the dare "to change (your) mind" was rhetorical, but here goes:

1. Impractical: Legs shin down ankles extended straddling his hips. Baby camel in reverse cowgirl, leaning back slightly stretches the labia tightening them, and exposes the clitoris. Or as you and another thought of, lean forward on his ankles if you want more mobility.

2. Exhausting: Okay, only do it for a while.

3. Clean tush: OMG! Wash with water after you take a shit, if you don't have a bidet or one of those DIY pipes or just a simple mug, use dampened TP. What business do you have putting a dirty tush in clothes in the first place?

4. Not pleasurable: Well touch yourself or -- as someone else suggested-- get him to touch you if the geometry works out while he also fondles your breast or nipple.

5. Dick damage control +: Have the guy with his torso just slightly elevated off the horizontal, on pillows. It changes the angle just enough to make it safer and brings his hands closer to your clitoris.

I stop to miau to cats.

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