In case White readers want "supporting evidence" read White Rage by Carol Anderson and Caste by Isabel Wilkerson. As a way to ease into it, read the parts of "Caste" that have to do with Hinduism in India, you'll find yourself righteously agreeing with the evils perpetrated by the upper castes in India, then read the parts about racism in the US.

Some of you may still wonder, but why would someone make this "stupid Faustian bargain" and give up demonstrable benefits for themselves as long as "others" don't get any benefit whatsoever? To fully understand the hold caste has on the Indian mind, read "Where India Goes" by Coffey and Spears. (This is not a book about India by Thomas "My Brain is Flat" Friedman.)

The really really short lesson from the book?

"Upper Caste Hindu Indians Would Literally Rather Eat Shit and Die Than Give up on casteism."

I stop to miau to cats.

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