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Good second order step, I’m sure that the visibility of this how-to poster makes most people of harassed minorities feel much safer, knowing that (some part of) the system is with them. And that in itself is a good thing.
But how much citizen Islamophobia is manifested in cities like Boston or SF? Not much. I doubt I will ever have occasion to use the tips in the poster against Islamophobic harassment.
However, what I have witnessed (in “liberal” SF) is gangs of heavily armed goons in uniforms (police) regularly harassing blacks (in front of SFMOMA and in Yerba Buena gardens!) and uprooting the lives of and destroying the homes (dwelling spaces, residences, …) and property of the poor and “homeless”. This fuck-place is such a police state, I was nervous enough taking pictures of the cops, leave alone intervening in any way and trying to carry on a “conversation about movies, books, Munch at SFMOMA etc.” with the victims in the hope of distracting them, making them feel welcome (in their own home!) and in the hope that the aggressors would get bored and go away.
So what do I think would be much more useful? Publicly displayed and highly visible and many posters with a step-by-step guide to intervening on behalf of the victims of police brutality — principally blacks and the poor. A discussion of why bigots (who’ve existed, they didn’t suddenly get spawned by Trump/Ivanka) feel empowered to spew their hatred now and why the police in the US have long felt empowered to murder innocent citizens on the streets. And I actually don’t care that much about the blonde white woman from Australia, as a number. Really? she didn’t deserve to die (blonde, blue-eyed, white, woman), but the rest of the victims of police slaughter, 1000+ and increasing per year, did? If her death is waking you up to police violence in the US you are a douchebag.

I stop to miau to cats.

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