“The flip side of the ‘small Asian penis’ stereotype …(and)… implies a “largeness” of white vaginas.”

Interesting. The flip side of the intended insult to the colored man in a sexual relationship with a white woman is an intended insult to the white woman? Both are transgressors of the rule that “white men can fuck whoever they want but woe betide a colored man and a white woman fucking each other — one or both will end badly”. Just think about the portrayals of this relationship in Hollywood movies, typically the colored man dies or is killed or goes missing in some way (Map of the Human Heart), or the white woman is abandoned and left to grow old a spinster (The English Patient). A United Kingdom is an exception. White man colored woman? The outcome is 5 X more likely to be a happy ending, but in the instances when it is bad, guess who dies?

So the real flip side would be to ask about the stereotype of white guys: whether the white guy smells like raw wet chicken.

I stop to miau to cats.

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