Interesting, I’ll read it at length later, but for now a question and a comment.

Why are you choosing to prepublish your academic work here as opposed to arXiv?

Any person who is not monolingual knows there are words that do not (or did not until they were adopted) have translations in other languages: gauche, angst, saudade, zitterbewegung, the 101 words for snow in Inuktitut … I’ve always thought that this is due to a lack not just of a representation but of the corresponding concept itself. And if the concept doesn’t exist in the mind or culture surely that mind or culture simply sees the world in a different way, right?

I’ve been told by a Relativity student and descendant of a Quechua speaker that in Quechua the prepositions indicate that the future is behind you (since you can’t see it) and the past is in front of you! We then wondered if this corresponded to seeing the world as flowing past you from behind and a more passive non-agent way of being, as opposed to seeing oneself as moving forward into the world and a more active role for oneself in the world.

I stop to miau to cats.

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