“…internet wasn’t ruled by Google, Facebook and Amazon. The initial conditions varied…”

You are conflating the internet with the web, following the newspeak of US TeleComm companies to pretend that the web was invented in the US whereas in reality, while the beginnings of the internet were in the US (arpanet in 1969 and bitnet in 1981), the web (and http) were invented at CERN in Europe by a physicist.

Google, Facebook and Amazon are hardly part of the initial conditions of the web (1989) let alone the internet.

So while your general point about chaotic systems, initial conditions blah blah is well taken, I don’t see where your point about Google etc is going.

And is there a metric for which the Lyapunov exponents are positive? And you seem to ignore self-organization. Most techies love to talk this psuedo-scientific talk, but they can’t walk the walk.

I stop to miau to cats.

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