Is anyone else bothered by this credibility-lacking “celebrity” media-owner taking up space on Medium at the very top of the feed?

As if she doesn’t have enough other places to publish her stuff about sleep. As if she wasn’t asleep at the wheel (of HuffPo) while HuffPo’s “journalism”

  1. blatantly supported Clinton via large amounts of positive coverage and constant portrayals of HRC as the anointed nominee,
  2. gave free advertising to Trump and his lunacies and
  3. almost completely ignored Sanders and the issues?

As if she wasn’t writing silly psuedo-feminist Leaninist BS targeted at women which basically keeps assigning the blame to women since only they are part of the “solution”? As if she didn’t try and become some weird kind of “dating coach” on Siren? As if her first major article after the election wasn’t a suggestion to Trump to sleep more? Jabbering on about sleep as if low-wage, long-commute, multiple-job workers without access to childcare etc. etc. have the effing luxury to sleep more when, clearly, what they really need is cucumber eye-patches?

AH, find some real issues to talk about from your bully pulpit (minimum wage, cost of education, health care, prison state, black lives, racism, wage inequality, labor protection, murderous police state, incessant US war-ism, deregulation, tax gimmes to the rich, crumbling infrastructure, destruction of the EPA, climate change, energy consumption, waste generation, Flint water …) or go away, go to sleep, stop wasting media space. Take up art and paint nude self-portraits, whatever.

I stop to miau to cats.

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