It is probably common enough “fathering” behavior in real life, in contrast to movies. However, what is much more common is what we don’t see — the absent father. If the father isn’t around the children, he can’t be there to “save” them. While the amount of time fathers spend with their kids has increased since a generation ago, it is still far less than the amount of time moms do (go visit a playground in SF). Case in point, from last weekend: we were staying at a holiday lodge with a family hostel like atmosphere (private rooms but shared bathrooms, kitchen and dining/living areas). There was a family with 5 kids (oldest was about 8), the mother was pregnant and breast-feeding. For hours on end in the evenings and mornings, the mother was alone with all the kids, man-bun father was simply not present, except to appear for breakfast or dinner (prepared by the mother, of course) and we never once saw him hold the infant. When somebody else made a sympathetic comment to the mother about “how difficult it must be”, the father interjected with “It becomes much easier after 2!”.

I stop to miau to cats.

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