Joe Biden what did you do when you were VP, not to mention senator? Did you do anything to dismantle systemic racism? No, you did everything in your power to support it.

Why did Black Lives Matter start during Obama’s term, when you were VP? What words did you say in support? Did the DOJ prosecute any killings by murderous cops? Did you make any dent in the number of killings by cops?

In the context of the murder of George Floyd, to which the state is an accomplice, you tweeted “Enough!”. The rate of Black murders by armed State goons hasn’t changed through your years as US Senator (various “Sanction Police Brutality and Legal Racism” bills) not in your years as VP. So if it wasn’t enough then, why is it enough now?

Some 15 of your staffers have donated $50 each to a bail fund for protestors in Minnesota, which is one unemployment check. (Compare that to $25K that a small DSA chapter has also raised.) But more importantly, you voted for the 1994 crime bill that has further institutionalized legal and policial injustice, and created more police jobs filled by bottom of the barrel racist recruits.

Nothing in your record shows you will do any of the little you promise.

Good job, Bandaid Biden.

I stop to miau to cats.

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