Let’s talk about class-based Casteism in the US.

Big 'C' Casteism is manifested in the US as racism, as Isabel Wilkerson points out in "Caste". She has a list of 8 criteria common to the three major systems of Casteism she explores, and I wonder if there is room for something akin to "class-based" Castesim?

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Courtesy: Metropolitan Museum of Art, Rodin’s statue of I. Trump’s Secret Service agent taking a shit and pondering his place in the caste hierarchy.

https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/jan/14/ivanka-trump-jared-kushner-banned-secret-service-bathrooms discusses that I Wanker Trump and her husband Jarring Kushner prevented the Secret Service agents (assigned to protect them 24 hours a day) were prevented from using any of the 6 bathrooms in the couple's DC mansion. The Gov't was forced to rent a studio apartment nearby for $3,000 per month just so the agents could go potty (in the meantime, reducing average protection for the twice-born couple).

Why does this reek of Casteism? Because this is the worst kind of casteist behavior one sees in India - the upper caste dominated middle classes need domestic labor (often, due to historical and current persecution, socio-economic lack of opportunity, assumed to be Dalit, but not always) but are loathe to allow them to use their household's bathrooms. Upper middle class homes will have a small outdoor toilet attached to the garage for the domestic "servants" and gardeners and sundry workmen. In large apartment buildings in the cities, there are full wash, toilet and bathing facilities for the domestic workers, usually near the utility rooms. Rarely however, are even domestic workers left to fend for their own toilet needs.

So, Secret Service peoples, how does it feel to protect the lives of those who consider you so beneath themselves, so un-human, that they will not even acknowledge your need for bodily functions? I'm sure Ivanka Trump shits, and I am sure it is not golden and I'm sure it's "smearing" factor is just as high as that of anybody else.

Where do you think their dogs take a shit? On the lawn? So perhaps the US Secret Service assigned to them could shit on their lawns?

I stop to miau to cats.

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