@malaikajabali I've read Jennifer Eberhardt's book Biased, heard her speak and had a brief discussion with her (She proposed a version of the shooter experiment at a presentation and a bunch of trigger happy corporate types tried to outdo each other in clicking the trigger. I pointed out in public that simply based on the fact that wypipol own guns at twice the rate that Black people do, all else being equal the prior probability would imply that we should shoot wypipol at twice the rate we are willing to shoot Black people. Just boring good data science.).

Her book and analysis is solid, so are her proposals for fixing things (though of course she stops short of holding cops accountable and nothing punitive against cops) and she is a powerful voice.

In any case, she mentioned that she was conducting anti-bias training with the Oakland Police Department and had been doing so for some 2-3 years. At one of the first BLM protests in Oakland, in early June, I asked a couple of cops (you know, when they were taking a knee and all that shit and you could still try and engage with them civilly) how the anti-bias training was working out, and neither of them had even heard of it. I wrote to Prof. Eberhardt to ask her about efficacy measures but haven't received any response.

Perhaps you, as a journalist, could get a response to that question?

Thank you.

I stop to miau to cats.

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