Mendocino 58–62, Sequoia 82–87

“How do you feel about weather?”

How do I feel?

Mendocino 58–62

But buffeted by blustery breezes

From brooding bluffs above briny deeps

Retreat! Retreat!

On unebbing billows of libidinous love

To embrace beneath blankets

Gaze to questing gaze

Lips to responsive lips

breast to bare breast

pubis to swollen pubis

thigh to pressing thigh

toe to toe …

We deliquesce

And you, how do you feel?

Sequoia 82–87

Pressed into the polished heat of a river rock

Stretched beside me, panting (softly)

you trace a finger over the swells:








If you don’t touch me now I’ll

Push you back (gently)

Both palms on your chest (firmly)

Straddle you (finally)

Your back, cool and wet

Pressed into the heat of a river rock

As I move over you

Almost imperceptibly

At first

We sleep in the sun like animals



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My lover (KimBerkeley) is planning a trip for us next weekend and we can’t decide, not even after we wrote and shared the above with each other.

I stop to miau to cats.

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