Not sure what you mean by that. That Bengalis aren’t racist? That they are self-aware enough to not mind being called out on their racism? That Hindu Bengalis aren’t virulently anti-Muslim? Or that Bengalis (who are somehow special of all the peoples colonized by the Brits) know that Churchill was racist and don’t have to be told that twice?

Every time a Bengali takes pride in “Ohh, you know, Bengali, like Tagore and Satyajit Roy!” one should ask about “We know. Also like Subhas Chandra Bose, a brown shirt fascist?”

My Desi ex-boss went to HR and got me fired on the grounds that I “called them a racist” and made them “unsafe” when I clarified a question from other team members about their discriminatory (and against stated company policy) hiring practise. Classic symptom of white fragility, and evidence that it has metastasized beyond white bodies and minds.

Not that I’m singling out Bengalis as the only Indians who are racist.

I stop to miau to cats.

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