Obama endorses Bernie’s policies, but then seemingly forgets his name and endorses somebody named “Biden”!

Has the entire “centrist” leadership of the Dumbocratic party gotten infected by a sponge brain virus?

Assuming it is an honest mistake, Obama should just reshoot that video.

Unless he’s serious. Is he serious? In what world does Obama think Biden is going to adopt, steal or implement Bernie’s policies?

In what world does Obama think that his rather late call for buddy bob Biden to adopt Bernie’s policies is going to magically “unify the party” (meaning have all Sanders’ supporters suddenly lose their olfactory sense and fall in line with “vote blue no matter who do what oh foo”) when on every timescale you can think of (his entire career, senior criminalizer under Clinton and then war toady under Bush, little white sambo nonentity under Obama and whatever he’s been doing for the last four years, finally his primary campaign) Biden has been the polar opposite within the Democratic party of everything Sanders stands for?

Biden will lose. Blame Nader, Stein, Sanders … whatever you do
Don’t put the blame on you
blame it on the rain … (lyrics by HeRC’s advisors).

I stop to miau to cats.

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