... of what?

I'm not setting any "higher" expectations for Obama than he set for himself with his nonsense about hope and change.

If you look at the data for the annual number of people (or focus on Black people) killed in extra-judicial "encounters" by the state-sponsored thugs in uniform (known in the US as "law enforcement"), but with the tear occluded, you cannot distinguish 2009-2016 from the years prior or posterior, neither by a step change nor a change in slope. The same is true of the number of people incarcerated - the Obama years are a simple continuation of the Reagan-Clinton-Bush legacy, which Obama then left for Trump to multiply and leverage. Recall that Obama and Eric Holder were the ones who trained the mayors and police chiefs of the 100 largest US cities to demonize civil disobedience, to refer and treat Occupy protestors as "domestic terrorists" (while the KKK and the white supremacists continue to get a free ride) and to terrorize street protestors with military violence.

Relative Black wealth, home ownership ... all went down in 2009-2016. But we got good photo-ops and an organic vegetable garden!

I stop to miau to cats.

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