Oh come on! In the larger view, Comey’s actions were hardly the leading cause to cast doubt on the legitimacy of this POTUS election or on the system of POTUS elections. I offer as alternates

  1. The anachronistic and unequal electoral college.
  2. The continuing demographically biased (and hence unequal) disenfranchisement of large segments of the population.
  3. The barricades to the emergence or existence of national parties other than the two unrepresentative and criminally dysfunctional ones we have.
  4. The idiotic and prohibitively expensive system of primaries and huddles (sorry, caucuses) for anointing a party’s candidate. Yes, there are some good outcomes, I don’t think any local Democratic committee filled with the usual mainstream conservative Democrats would have named Zephyr Teachout as the party candidate, but we have …
  5. The Democratic party’s (or the DLC’s or the DNC’s) shenanigans during the primaries in favor of “the one whose time has come”. Were either John Lewis or Rachel Maddow questioning the legitimacy of the Democratic primary process with as much vehemence?

The Democrats fucked up at all scales (POTUS, US Senators, US Representatives, state Senators, state Representatives, Governors …) and somehow that is all being pinned on Comey? How convenient! It is “All Nader’s fault” 2016 version, which means that nothing fundamental about the Democratic party will change — nobody will be fired, nothing will be examined.

On the other hand, the “Democrats” won big time, all the people in the party machinery who gained some share of the billions spent by the Democratic candidates during this election cycle.

Viva la alternancia!

I stop to miau to cats.

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