Ooh, let the white whining begin!

It isn’t racist to point out the racism and bigotry prevalent amongst self-identified members of a race, specially when that racism and bigotry has had and continues to have real-life/real-death consequences for the targets of that racism.

Nobody cares if you are a bigot or have preferences, as long as that doesn’t translate into discrimination, structural racism or free-loading off structural racism.

Did you totally miss the author’s point? You did, didn’t you? Let’s say the Wheineken ad paired a Jewish woman with grandparents who’d lived in Central Europe, with a Holocaust denying white guy (always!), on the grounds of “equal air-time” or “equally valid viewpoints”? Would you be okay with that? I don’t really want to know, but hey, do you want to get a latte together sometime? I will be happy to find other ways to insult your stupidity or to question your humanity (if either is possible).

I stop to miau to cats.

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