Our own DJP (Democratic Joker Party) is in full “Don’t worry, be happy, vote for the lesser evil, wassisname exVeep”, whose campaign won’t do a thing to reach out to LatinX voters.

These idiots can’t even learn from their own victory and Sanders’ loss: Sanders lost in large part due to lack of older Black voter enthusiasm for him or his policies (which is a bit of a surprise) and because in 4 years since 2016 his campaign didn’t seem to have a way of stepping in, reaching out, listening to Black voters.

So Joe no go with the LatinX vote, loses in 2020, and all the DJP will be happy because they will still have congressional or campaign staffer jobs or lobbyist jobs, they can blame “Bernie bros” or Nader and they can put up Cuomo in 2024.

I stop to miau to cats.

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