Our society values everything in terms of money, which wouldn’t be so bad if the money accurately reflected the value it was supposed to compensate for. As you pointed out, that is a thorny question.

I’m sorry the money doesn’t help. Do you think the counseling sessions would, at least to heal the wounds this information itself has re-opened? Perhaps there are other victims who might benefit from counseling even at this late stage, in which case it makes sense for them to offer it.

You are also right that this issue should have been addressed right after the crime took place. It isn’t clear to me that “better late than never”. It also seems useless to me that this program seems not to do anything to ensure that such crimes take place with reducing frequency: through punishment as dissuasion, counseling for the perpetrators, letting them know they are being watched, publicizing their names so other partners with children are fore-warned, identifying potential perpetrators of sex-crimes using our much-vaunted “big data/AI/ML” …

I stop to miau to cats.

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