People got weirded out by breast milk lattes at Burning Man? Just proves that BurningMan is a (now) place for mostly very conventional white people to go to step a little bit out of their convention boxes into a slightly expanded “comfort zone”. It does bring up a lot of questions: would acceptance have been higher if the breast milk being offered was from a white woman? Have people who’ve had the opportunity never drunk milk from the breasts of their lactating partners? Nor even dipped their finger in or sipped a bit of expressed breast milk? Not even from curiosity?

People are sucking cocks and cunts and swallowing cum from both and they are shying away from sanitarily expressed breast milk? Perhaps the taboo is against an act perceived as sexual being performed in public?

Setting aside the much-touted but misconceived notions of “human breast milk as health elixir”, readers are aware that cow milk can transmit infectious diseases as well — unless milk from unhealthy cows in unsanitary conditions is ultra-pasteurized the fuck out?

I stop to miau to cats.

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