“Video shows officer shooting fleeing Fresno teen in the back of the head”

After a detailed description of the incident (the police utterly shamelessly shooting the running kid in the back of his head, handcuffing him as he lay dying, refusing to take the handcuffs off when the paramedics got to the site, refusing to release video and now continuing to justify the shooting as “self-defense”) the article goes on to say “…Fresno police need to focus on de-escalation and anti-bias training…”.

The police department in Fresno needs to be shut down and re-constructed from scratch. Some those officers need to be found criminally guilty and locked up with no parole as the threats to life that they are. And, the police force should be halved — I’ll bet violence as experienced by the community and the threat under which they live will actually reduce without the continuous causative police presence. Why don’t the cops go to Mill Valley and shoot some white kids for fun? That will perhaps bring much-needed “police reform”.

I am not saying anything new here. Read this article from The Root as an example, “…white people who insist that cops wouldn’t keep shooting black people in the face if black people obeyed the law. What these people fail to understand is that — when it comes to black people — there is no such thing as a Constitution or a “right.” In our America, police are the Constitution. They are the law. They are all potential murderers armed with guns, immunity from prosecution and the full authority of the state. They can do whatever they want.” (Italics mine.)

I stop to miau to cats.

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