The laws apply to you too!

Or perhaps I didn’t get the memo. The County cell phone warning about the new curfew must have had a disclaimer in white font on a white background that said, “White people are excepted from this law.”

But just in case, the curfew starts at 8:30PM.

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8:10 pm, Wyppl heading AWAY from the parking lot.
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8:11PM Wyppl still enjoying their picnic, no BBQ Becky in sight, lucky them!
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8:12pm, more Wyppl starting a hike, heading away from the parking lot. Now just perhaps these are allies who are going to conduct some civil disobedience and are just waiting to whip out their “BlackLivesMatter/I can’t breathe” or “Say his name, George Floyd!” posters at 8:30PM in defiance of the law.
8:13pm Rancho San Antonio lower parking lot: Wyppl rushing to their cars to get home in time to obey the curfew.
8:15PM More of the same, overflow parking.
8:25PM More Wyppl in the A-Whole Foods parking lot causing a traffic jam in their rush to obey the 8:30 pm curfew.

This is in addition to the young anglo white dude who stopped in front of the “Exit only, do not enter” sign at a trailhead and headed in anyway, and pretended not to be able to read when I told him it was one way. Immediately after this, a middle-aged white couple, who heard and saw the interaction, and must have seen one of the three signs at the exit, entered anyway and feigned a sudden interest in the oak tree to the side. Look, I think one-way trails are stupid, fascist “do-something”itis by the authorities, you can work out the math and physics yourself. But if it is a law for which a person of color can be inflicted bodily harm by a “law-enforcement” officer, then it applies equally to everyone, right?

Oh, right! I forgot.

I stop to miau to cats.

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