Race dominates every single other dimension in intersectionality.

I've recently seen white fragility/rage and white insouciance play out in the Queer community: trans and gay white people simply refusing to acknowledge the harm they'd done to the few Latin@s and LatinX in their small group

  • casting doubt on their competence
  • constant verbal slights
  • refusal to fully support them in stressful situations
  • pooh-poohing “the very idea” when the hurt was brought up in non-blamey ways, complete with dismissive eye-rolls
  • the “moi? pas posible!” defense (with hands crossed over their chest, dropped lower jaw and batted eyelids) against the possibility of their having done something racially discriminatory — based on their queer-victimhood
  • turning their backs on the Latin speakers during meetings to discuss these very issues (apparently to listen to another white person talking about race)
  • and finally, to add insult to injury, calling for “restorative justice”, for themselves!

One would think that intersections would be only a partially ordered set (an example of a poset is : A > B, B > C, A > D, D > C and no ordering relation between B and D).

Let’s look at the intersections of race (White > non-White) and gender (Men > Women). So of course, you can infer that White Man > White Woman > non-White Woman, and White Man > non-White Man> non-White Woman. If both race and gender were factors equally determining the hierarchy, you would expect a tie (or strictly, indeterminate) between White Woman and Black Man, and these 4 categories would form a poset. However, we know from observation that White Women > non-White Men, which makes the 4 categories an ordered set. This can only be if one of the two factors is more “potent”, and that factor is race.

You can come to this same conclusion by comparing the relative earnings of the 4 categories.

I stop to miau to cats.

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