Race race race.

What Ansari did is reprehensible, but by no means comparable to what the white male perpetrators named under #metoo have done repeatedly for years. And you white women know it.

White guys do this (coerción, manipulation, pursuing, bad sex and much more) all the time. Slut shaming and negging and all those “self help” articles advising men how to get laid are written by white men for white men.

Why pick on Ansari? In that same week there must have been thousands of equally famous white guys (your brothers, friends, coworkers, uncles, fathers, cousins, even boyfriends) who’ve done that and worse to thousands of women of classes and races, some of whom might be your friends, sisters, cousins, co-workers etc. Who are those white men, those unnamed white VPs at tech companies etc? Have you named them? Why not? Is it because the standards for white men are lower, as they always are? No man of color would have gotten away with a hundredth of what the lowest of the white men named by #metoo have gotten away with.

I stop to miau to cats.

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