Right on Lauren, but don’t you think that would be way too drastic? Look how much such innocent “just locker room” talk discomfits men. Just as much as it discomfits suburban white people when you ask them to think about how they might feel to have their blond-haired blue-eyed 14-year old boy(-who-will-be-Trump) shot in the back multiple times by a “peace-keeper”, while lying on the ground.

Let’s be humanitarian and just blind men instead (you, know, grope their eyes). After all, if the sight of “provocative” dress (to Christian men) or bare flesh (to Muslim men) is too much for them to handle and they lack self-control, the problem is clearly with men’s vision. So let’s remove that source of temptation. (Frenchmen at least don’t pretend they can’t resist: on the other hand, they want to be tempted, by forcing exposure on non-ooh-la-la-frenchwomen on the beaches and then groping third world hotel maids in New York. Perhaps cut off their noses, so they can’t smell brie or wine?)

That way men can still be contributing and productive members of society.

I know a lot of you will object, and say that an intermediate solution is to cut off their peckers, but while that might solve the problem of rape, it won’t prevent other violations nor violence.

I stop to miau to cats.

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