Sad, but true. We have to remember that Hispanic is a cultural/linguistic identity, and though the Census considers LatinX to be a racial category, many LatinX consider themselves white - just look at the people in power in LatinAmerican countries, with a few exceptions like Evo Morales, most are or have been white. There is a lot of racism in LatinAmerica, and that persists or increases with the LatinX immigrant community here.

Progressive LatinX people I've met while at M4BL civil disobedience actions have related stories about family gatherings with their family, and the casual anti-Black racism displayed by their relatives dismayingly similar to the stories we used to hear from White women about their MAGA Uncle Wayne and GreatAunt Karen. Consistent with your experience, and that written about by @andreaGonzalez-Ramirez.

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