Sanders’ inability to listen to or talk to Black voters.

Look, I’m a die-hard Sanders’ movement member, not just “Bernie” but also the Democratic Socialists of America and their approach to making the world better. But even in 2015, it was clear that Bernie and the movement he is part of is unable to speak to Blacks. And they simply don’t see that Bernie’s policies on healthcare, education, housing for all; minimum wage, humane immigration policies and criminal justice reform will fundamentally benefit African Americans. Somehow Bernie’s movement is able to speak to the latin@ community, even though almost none of the Anglos in the Sanders’ office and almost none in the DSA can speak Spanish and haven’t bothered to learn any Spanish in the 4 years since the last Presidential election cycle. Bernie is able to garner the overwhelming support of the Muslim American community in Hamtramck, MI, but a few miles away, the African Americans haven’t heard of him. When a DSA member went “off tramck” out of campaign precincts and spoke to young African Americans, she got huge traction, people listened and she got over 50 new Sanders’ voters in one day.

I don’t know what the problem is and I don’t know what the answer is, but “speaking the language” and learning to get comfortable in “not your comfort zone” is important. The success I have with Latin@ voters (for presidential and downballot campaigns, urban and rural, canvassing at BART stations, GOTV and awareness …) I attribute to my approaching them in Spanish. There were Mandarin speaking Chinese Americans who came to the East Bay from NYC to canvass in East Asian neighbourhoods. I don’t see enough of that with Blacks canvassing for Sanders in Black communities, and I don’t see us (non-Black POC and Whites and white-passing) in the DSA knowing how to be comfortable in Black spaces.

Fcuk premature elder statesman Obumama and his gyrations supporting Sanders’ policies and expecting diametric opposite (within Democraticish circles) Biden to implement them. WE, not me US, meaning Sanders’ supporters, the Sanders movement and the DSA have a much bigger problem than that one Black man in our inability to speak to, speak with, listen to Black folks.

And also, don’t think changing demographics makes this issue less relevant — not from a humanitarian standpoint and not even from an electoral standpoint.

I stop to miau to cats.

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