Seen the “suspicious” calls all the time. For example, in a 95% white neighborhood I lived in some years back, a cop pulled over as I was walking on the sidewalk to ask me if I’d seen “a suspicious young African American woman a neighbor had called in”. My hackles rose and I asked whether anything had actually happened. “No, the neighbor didn’t recognize the person.” No whiteAmerican ever got called in, though both the neighborhood level crimes had been committed by low level white criminals: older white men from other neighborhoods pretending to look for odd jobs breaking into cars and jacking one and white teenage boys from nearby setting fires to trees in people’s yards with the cops blowing it off as “boys will be boys” (subtext, “white boys will be white boys”, never a privilege extended to black boys), not even registering it so the crime statistics and white people would continue to look good.

I stop to miau to cats.

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