Edited in response to Erynn’s comment:


Great article, analysis and call to action.

Funny how the general portrayal in the MSM and social media is that women, white this time, are to blame again. The reality is that 63% of white men voted for Trump. The real problem with white women? Their white men — fathers, sons, brothers, lovers, partners, uncles, cousins, bosses, reports, colleagues…

To the 15–20% of white women who voted NotFor45 in contrast to “their guy’s” vote, good for you. Extend that non-collusion to other spheres of life as well. To the others who voted NotFor45 in agreement with the white men surrounding you, bring the white dudes with you to social justice events, give them an opportunity to stand and be counted apart from their gender/racial group.

I stop to miau to cats.

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