Sorry Manny,

I disagree, this is wishful thinking.

First, I think everybody who is not a "Stolen Election Truther" -i.e. people with a modicum of rationality and immunity to constant conspiracy thinking- already knows both that Trump called for sedition and violent treasonous activities and that high-ranking Republicans (state and national elected representatives and office holders) aided in the coup attempt and disseminated treasonous lies. Those who at this stage believe differently, starting with believing that the "election was stolen, Trump won" and in "mass-scale voting fraud conspiracy with lowly election workers, ballot collectors, county officials, state AGs, state and federal judges etc" are not amenable to evidence or rational arguments. So there is no impact of "revealing the truth" - none to be revealed or none to be believed.

Second, Republican voters (80% of whom continue to believe in separate nodes in a network of absolute rubbish) will continue to vote for their party's candidates as they have been doing for decades, at the national as well as state levels. Why would this particular recent example of heinous anti-American anti-constitutional, anti-democratic power-at-all costs behavior cause them to do otherwise when this is exactly what they have voted in favor of for 4 decades - minority (Patriarchal White Supremacist) rule, gerrymandering, vote suppression in its myriad forms, electoral college, electoral conflict of interest?

The 4 or so Lincoln Log Cabin Republicans nationwide can be safely ignored, they aren't the margin of victory anywhere.

I stop to miau to cats.

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