Support down ballot progressive candidates!

Hi Lauren,

I agree. You've been expressing your doubts about Bias-Harriden for months now, with a new reason every day, as if we needed more.

So here is a suggestion: Use your platform and your readership not just to diss Biden and the DNC at the Presidential level, but to actually inform people about and build support for the hundreds of progressive down-ballot candidates.

A list of just a few organizations and candidates, from The Nation, September 7/14 2020, many of which have long-term goals beyond just this POTUS election or this election cycle:

Sister District

Run For Something

90 For 90



(perhaps the DLCC and the National Democratic Redistricting Committee)

Aimy Steele, NC

Joanna Cattanach, TX

Kathy Lewis, FL

Fair Fight

Many young people and BLM activists are much more excited about down-ballot campaigns and their importance than about Joe "Defend the Police" Biden. (Ok, he is hard of hearing.)

I stop to miau to cats.

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