Terribly disappointing that Stacey Abrams has abased herself to Biden, whose campaign is never going to consider her. All these women politicians who are now clamoring for the presumptive bride of the DNC to throw them the identity politics bouquet (Abrams, Warren, Klobuchar, Harris …) while the Biden campaign’s attention is on either a random unheard of midwestern governor or on the exFLOTUS he served under.

Now, what are Michelle Obama’s qualifications to be VP? In the first place, she doesn’t need any — her boss will be happy to instruct her on how to do nothing as Veep. But here are three solid accomplishments:

Organic garden in the White House. Yayy! Sadly, replaced by rBGH hamberder trees and bleach water fountains.

Childhood obesity.

Free Entrance days at National Parks. Unfortunately she forgot that poor inner city kids with don’t have a means of getting to a non-urban national park, and if they do get there, it is quickly made clear they don’t belong.

How about other candidates? Meghan Markle is just as qualified as Michelle Obama, and we’ll get the chance to have an ex-Prince of England be the first SGOTUS!

I stop to miau to cats.

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