Thank you for pointing out the absurdity of "universal" non-violence. Gandhi's satyagraha was one form of civil disobedience, and he came to it after much experimentation and thought, not some abstract philosophical non-violence principle as most wyppl have the luxury to interpret it as (sorry for that sentence construction).

Gandhian "non-violence" only "worked" because in India, at that time, the ruling Brit.s had some conscience, and I suspect, India then gained independence only because of a weakened Britain. The independence through non-violence allowed us to have non-militarist leaders, and helped us be relatively peaceful for decades, compared to other nations struggling with the after-math of colonization.

The fact that over the last 5-ish decades of non-violent protests (since the end, on-street, of the Black Panther Party) there has been no relative improvement in the condition of Black people's lives in the US is proof that it is time to give up holding to that ineffective concept. Whether something else can be implemented and whether it will be effective in an era of extreme white fragility remains to be seen.

I stop to miau to cats.

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