Thank you for pointing that out. Obama was the one who, with his Attorney General, crushed and empowered cities and their police to crush Occupy. It was his presidency that started the ICE program that Trump greatly expanded and filled with selected fascists, increased the militarization of the police, under whom the M4BL started (without any acknowledgment from him) and his creepy VP was a big part of welfare-killing Clinton's crime bill.

I looked the federal statistics for the number of victims of state sponsored extra-judicial killings by uniformed thugs in the US, both total victims and Black victims. You cannot pick out the Obama years (I thought they would be lower, or start a downward trend) from any of the preceding Dem or Reb presidents, nor from the 3 Trump years for which we have data.

It is the system, not the POTUS. Voting by itself won't be enough, you have to vote for antiracist, progressive candidates down-ballot.

I stop to miau to cats.

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