“Thanks but no, FaceBook.”

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Hi FaceBook Recruiter,

Thanks for checking again to see if I am interested in pursuing this any further.

From a purely technical and local work environment standpoint (the data science problems, the people, the team work) FaceBook seems like a great place to work. However, as evidenced by the last year and a half or so of news, there is not enough concordance between my values and FaceBook’s values and principles as a global social network corporation or its behavior related to housing, training, healthcare and employment as a local employer and community member. Nor is it at all evident that FaceBook encourages meaningful, paradigm changing employee volunteerism, let alone internal dissent with corporate social/community policy.

So no, I won’t pursue this any further at this time.

Thank you

Added on 30th March, in response to https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/mar/30/facebook-staff-leaks-memo-andrew-bosworth:

“ the Verge found employees directing their frustration at the leaker, urging Facebook to do more to screen employees for “integrity” during hiring, with one writing: “Although we all subconsciously look for signal on integrity in interviews, should we consider whether this needs to be formalized in the interview process?” ” Hah, it is precisely because I think I have integrity that I decided NOT to pursue employment at FB.

“Another said: “This is so disappointing, wonder if there is a way to hire for integrity. We are probably focusing on the intelligence part and getting smart people here who lack a moral compass and loyalty.” ” Err, yes, but the writer was referring to someone who leaked an internal memo by Boz, not the bozos who allow FB to cooperate with anti-democratic and anti-community organizations. KoolAid anyone?

“Some employees went so far as to speculate that people could be joining Facebook for the purpose of monitoring and leaking. “Keep in mind that leakers could be intentionally placed bad actors, not just employees making a one-off bad decision. Thinking adversarially, if I wanted info from Facebook, the easiest path would be to get people hired into low-level employee or contract roles,” one wrote.

Another added: “Imagine that some percentage of leakers are spies for governments. A call to morals or problems of performance would be irrelevant in this case, because dissolution is the intent of those actors.” ”

Holy shit, now FBers are becoming pull-up-the-drawbridge conspiracy speculators? I certainly don’t have what it takes to be a spy and surround myself with such fundamentally ethically challenged cultists. The comment on “easiest path”, regardless of effectiveness, gives some insight into the intelligence and ability of FB employees.

Gag, near miss. Why would I even want to be evaluated by such people?

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