Thanks for understanding what I was getting at — the “extra” sense of entitlement on the part of white men, in dating and elsewhere. The suggestion that white women broaden their dating pool was partially tongue-in-check ;-) based on OKCupid’s data and analysis that shows the increase of race based biases (er, no, “preferences”) with e-dating.

Of course, colored heterosexual men are probably just as entitled, based on cultural background and world-wide misogyny — Indian manhood is certainly no paragon of feminism. But their sense of entitlement gets ratcheted down in the US, and it is not because of any selection criteria for who gets to come here: after all US companies are selecting them on the basis of their ability to code, not their degree of feminism. So the desired end-point to eliminate racism in dating would be achieved by heterosexual women preferring to date colored men at a high enough rate that colored men behave like entitled dicks just as much as white men do! Right? ;-)

Anecdotally (very small sample size and other caveats) it seems to me that colored women don’t complain about gender-based dick-like behavior from white men (the complaints tend to be about race-based dick-like behavior and non-wokeness). So, ALL kidding aside, to test the hypothesis that the sense of entitlement and the behavior that goes with it is connected to perceived power and preferentiability, in heterosexual dating situations we should try and measure dick-like behavior from men and see if it correlates to the place of the men on OKC’s dating-racial-preference scale as well as to the place of the women on their own scale. Or perhaps a simpler test is to look for a correlation with the difference of positions on the scales.

I stop to miau to cats.

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